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Retirement Planning Division

Because Seniority is an Asset!

At Gateway Financial Group, we believe that becoming a senior is a sign of achievement, accompanied with unique needs in life, health and finances.

With seniors on staff, we understand your needs. Gateway Financial Group is your resource, whether you are making plans for the future or protecting what you have.

Our products and services are designed to help you make your golden years more golden.

Making your Plan


We help you develop and clarify your legacy plan in the 4th quarter of your life, so you can enhance the lives of others in your 5th.

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By maximizing your plan and structuring your retirement, we help preserve it as long as you need.

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Social Security 

As a complimentary service, using our premier software we help you strategically time your retirement, potentially adding up to $250,000 to the life of your SS benefits.

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We partner with specialists to supply exclusive coaching and tactics to help you qualify for Medi-Cal benefits, to help minimize spend-downs and maximize the value of your estate.

VA Benefits

We have specialist to help you navigate through the maze of regulations and paperwork so you can enjoy the benefits that you earned by serving our country.

Protecting your Retirement

Medicare Supplements

We help bridge the gaps in your Medicare coverage, to protect your health expenses, so you can enjoy life without worry.

Life Insurance

Life insurance isn’t for you; it is for the ones you care about. We help you give financial protection to your loved ones, with special products for your children and grandchildren.

Long Term Care

Your children will bless you for preparing for the burden that strikes 70% of the nation, and can quickly drain a lifetime of savings.

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Final Trust Protection

The low-cost way to protecting your heirs from the final expense, and help preserve Medi-Cal qualification.

Disability Insurance

Before you retire, accidents happen. But you can protect your income from becoming disabled by accident or illness and preserve your business and lifestyle while you recover.

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